Friday, 29 June 2012

Asleep on a Sunbeam

I've been trying to make a habit out of taking a fast walk or light jog (gotta start somewhere, right? I'm working my way up to running like a real person, asthma and lack-of-shape be damned!). I like to go every evening after dinner, when I don't have the excuse of being tired after walking or biking home from work, and when it's a little less oppressively hot out.  
Though I was a bit late for "magic hour" yesterday, it was wicked hot here all day and I figured the odds of me going even remotely quickly were exceedingly slim.

So I brought my camera instead. 

I kept catching sight of this amazing sunset, the kind where all of the involved clouds have so much definition you feel like you could touch them.  They've been so perfectly sculpted by the light.  I do love me a good sunbeam.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Introductions and Good Intentions


I'm Erin, and I moved to a tiny town last year.
Hi Erin.
I moved for a job, and as things go, work became my life.  Now, I love what I do, but all those other things I used to enjoy so much fell by the wayside.  I have a half a million reasons why NOT to do them.  I'm tired.  I don't know where to begin.  I'll get to that next week.

And, surprise surprise, next week never comes.

So, this blog is a step in snapping myself out of it.  I'm on the path to making my alone time (which I have an awful lot of ) chock full of goodness.  Of creative endeavors that push my skills.  Of not making grilled cheese for dinner again (note: this does not mean never making grilled cheese ever.  That is what I call blasphemy). Of getting outside and enjoying the beautiful scenery this town has to offer, which frankly, Toronto does not.  Of checking off items from the massive to do list I thought up when I moved here.

I am using the great expanse of the internet as my sounding board,and as I don't expect much of anybody will read this, I suppose I'm using MYSELF as a sounding board too.  But, you know, not in the crazy way.