Friday, 15 November 2013

VIDEO: E+E Do Paris

I know I haven't been around much, as of late. Things have been busy and weird, and life has changed a lot in the last little while.  All things I will elaborate on in the coming weeks.  Anyhow, though I needed some time offline to sort things out, I'm looking forward to getting back at this blogging thing.

As per one of my goals for 2013, Ephraim and I took a week long holiday in Paris last month.  I haven't had the energy to sort through the photos to post them (there are over 500.  gross.), but Ephraim and I put together this short travel video instead.  

I have to say, working together on something creative during our vacation was a LOT of fun!! We each had such different ideas, and different styles, but I think we edited together a cohesive look at the highlights of our trip very effectively.  Music is Comme Des Enfants by Canadian homegirl Coeur De Pirate, who is super popular in France (and in my heart).



*** The imbedded video has been removed due to technical issues.  Please use this handy dandy link instead***