Hi, I'm Erin.  I'm a set and costume designer for theatre, with much love for science fiction, horror films, theatre (of course), thrifting, personal style, vegetarian food, and photography.I write about these topics, as well as sharing glimpses into my regular life, here on Predictions for the Past.

Two years ago, I graduated University and relocated to a wee (and I mean wee) historic town in southern Ontario for an amazing job doing what I love and meeting all the right people.  And though it was an opportunity I couldn't say no to, it also had me moving 2 hours away from all my friends and family.

Predictions for the Past is my way to keep in touch with the people I don't see nearly as often as I'd like, to keep (or, erm, get) me motivated on the list of goals I came here to accomplish, and to hopefully connect with some rad people in the process.

Or just so my Mum doesn't think I'm dead when I haven't called her in a few days.

I'm alive, Mum.

What's the deal with the name? What does Predictions for the Past MEAN, anyway? 
Predictions for the Past is a little phrase I thought up, while I was working on a large project for work.  I was researching and writing Eilert Lovborg's manuscript for the play Hedda Gabler, by Henrik Ibsen.  In the play, the manuscript is in two parts: the first part covers history of the time (up to  1890), and the second part is Lovborg's predictions for the future (up to the year 2000 or so).  
Being that it was 2012 at the time, and I was looking back at magazines, research papers, novels and images from the early 1900's, making predictions for a time I had already see come and go, I thought it was pretty nifty that there I was, making Predictions for the Past.  And there you have it.

Feel free to contact me at: predictionspast@gmail.com for comments, questions, and ad swaps.