Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Photo An Hour: June 2013

11 am// dressed and squinty, ready to drive to St. Catharines to run my errands
12-1 pm// Thrift shopping in St. Catharines. Sadly had to turn down this makeup case, as it was so badly damaged.  It even matches the rest of my luggage! Darn!
2 pm// Another thrift store made up the loss.  Found this gorgeous 1960's dress for $4.  Found some good stuff for The Lover, too!
3-4 pm// Another amazing personal find on my extensive shopping trip for The Lover! This little (big) lady took a while to get in and out of my car, but I got her home all by myself.  You'll be seeing more of her later this week...
5pm// Making Gazpacho! I could live off this stuff in the summer months, it's just so so tasty and refreshing.
6pm// Much chopping and blending finally completed, I am ready to exit the kitchen while the soup cools.  I'm always happy to put on my super cool kettle print apron my grandmother gave me from her stash.
7pm// Listening to the Raviv Ullman Podcast (some fangirling never dies) and soaking up a couple rays because I really am THAT pale.
8pm// Placing some recent acquisitions on my kitchen table.  Roses from my garden, straws an impulse purchase from Winners.
The rest of my evening was spent eating gazpacho and various berries, sipping a beer, and chatting till an epic thunderstorm put a stop to the night. 



  1. I love these photos :) And the vintage dress: what a find!!
    The weather's been stormy over here too--isn't it cozy?

  2. These photos are beautiful! That last photo - I mean, really? It's perfect. Also, I would love a pink train case. Someday one shall cross my path and it will be a match made in heaven. Until then I will shake my fists at the blue ones I see every freaking day. xo


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