Monday, 6 May 2013

April (in RetroSpecs)

Back when I started this blog (nearly a year ago, whoa),  I had a weekend review feature called "My Weekend in Retrospecs".  Shortly thereafter it was changed to " My Month in Retrospecs", as a pun that good should only be used so frequently.  Recently I've been feeling better prepared to choose my favourite posts of the month due to a stronger posting schedule (eep, except for this week! I'm in Tech Week for a show at work, which includes some 13 hour days and has certainly meant a lot of photoshop time for me! After editing things all day, the last thing I wanted to do was edit at home) but I think that finding 5 favourite posts for the month should be doable, haha!  Plus, I think that having a monthly recap would be a nice thing to look back on.  So... I'll be better about that, starting right now.

 I'm also combining my yearly goal updates as part of the retrospecs feature.  It just seems like a good fit.  So let's see what was up with those the last 4 weeks!

  • blog 4 times a week  Hahaha.. that's all I have to say about that! Let's not worry so much about this one going forward.  
  • complete my 365 Days of iPhone Photos project
  • complete one photo-an-hour post for each month Totally on top of this one.  Editing my April photos as soon as photoshop seems... not like the only thing I ever do.
  • save my pennies and purchase a new laptop to replace the 8 year old glorified paperweight 
  • take a trip  I'm writing a grant proposal that would see me going to Calgary for a couple weeks in the fall.  It'd be for work, but, y'know, mountains, so... fingers crossed!!
  • create more, and consume less Netflix (or knit while I watch!) Been working on that dress on and off, but I've been feeling so burnt out from work as we're in tech week for a show that starts previews late this week.  So tired...
  • read 6 books (this makes me sad.  how did it come to this?!) I read the first compendium of The Walking Dead this month, which covers the first 8 trade paperback volumes.  I devoured it in a week, and I regret not buying the second compendium at the same time! I'm not sure how to count it, toward my goal of 6, however! But at over 1000 pages, calling it 2 books instead of 1 (or 8) seems fair!  I'm also working my way through Stiff, by Mary Roach.  Blog, Inc. has been put on the backburner, after hitting a couple chapters that feel below my experience, and feeling a bit discouraged as to the value of the advice given.  Not leaving it behind forever, though.
  • create an online portfolio Umm... nope.  
  • look into continuing education I looked more into doing my masters, this month.  Should I get to travel to Calgary to do some work this fall, I'm going to take the opportunity to head to Edmonton and see if the University of Alberta seems like a good fit for a place to do my masters. 
  • take my camera with me more (and invest in a serious camera bag) Still waiting for this Epiphanie bag I ordered a couple weeks ago.  I had it shipped to my work, and the USPS says it's been delivered, yet I do not have it yet... If I don't have it by the end of the day, I'm going on a hunt.  I want my bag!
  • invest more time and effort into friendships, old and new I'm too tired for other people.  Fact.
  • send 6 pieces of snail mail Or to write letters.
  • build a small business
  • exercise twice a week  I actually talked to my dad over dinner last week about weight lifting goals I'd like to achieve.  It's been a good motivator!
  • take life drawing classes
  • get a car
 **Editing this quickly to say, I just realized that my birthday is less than a week away! And though my birthday tends to bring some bad things (possible voodoo curse type territory, it's bad) I am really excited.  I'm staying in NotL this year, I mean really, nothing ever happens out here let alone anything bad! But let's not tempt fate.  Just... eee! I'm excited.**

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