Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Photo an Hour: April 2013

Freaking finally, I have photos to share from April! Here was a fun and very productive little day out and about in St. Catharines, and around NotL.

11 am// Well rested and ready to roll.  A-table-hunting we shall go!
12 pm// St Catharine's bound
1 pm// Red Velvet pancakes.  Because who's going to stop me?
2 pm// Stopped to take photos of this old wreck.  It was briefly a restaurant/boat.
3 pm// A creepy basement full of cobwebs, dust, and glass bottles at Prudhommes Antique Market
4 pm// A sweet room full of old clocks and radios at Prudhommes Antique Market
5 pm// I bought a table! Took 30 minutes to get it out of the house.  Why do men not listen when a woman says we have to take the legs off?! I mean they had to come off to fit in the car anyway...
6 pm// Prepping the neckline for bias tape
7 pm// Finishing up my sewing for the day
8 pm// Taking some outfit photos
Honestly, it's been so long since this day that I couldn't tell you how we ended the evening! But it probably involved a movie and definitely involved dinner of some kind.  I'm looking at my glorious formica table at Ephraim's right now, and boy oh boy was checking out the Prudhommes Antique Market the best thing to come out of that day! I'm currently working on collecting a few pairs of mismatched but complimentary chairs to go with the table.  Vinyl and formica and chrome, oh my! Our kitchen is going to be so awesome!!



  1. Omg red velvet pancakes?! that sounds like an absolute dream! i might need to find a recipe online...

  2. What a packed day! I seriously need to do one of these posts. I can't wait to see your finished dress!

  3. you look so so cute in that last pic, love it! that old basement looks awesomely creepy. look forward to seeing what you create!
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