Friday, 24 May 2013

On the Bus, to a Plane, to a UFO and to Outer Space Baby!

Located conveniently up the street from the Value Village in Niagara Falls is the Flying Saucer Restaurant.  The epitome of kitsch, the flashing lights atop the "UFO" has called to Ephraim and I many times before, but finally after a day of thrifting the stars aligned (haha) and we checked the place out for ourselves!  I'm going to say straight away that this is not a place to go if you're looking for a great meal, especially as a vegetarian.  I had about 3 options available to me on the menu, and they all involved cheese and starch.  I stuck with a grilled cheese sandwich, because I was pretty sure I knew what I'd be getting.  I have to admit, the fries were awesome, but what was really out of this world (oh man I am on a roll!) was the decor.  Here are a somewhat excessive number of photos from our amazingly dated alien abduction, but let's be honest I'm totally never going back unless I'm in the area and craving a milkshake, so these photos are all I have to remember this tinted-mirrored wonder by.
Bonus: somewhat unrelated photos taken at/outside of the restaurant that I just liked and am therefore sharing.
He is too an adult.  His Spiderman watch may have indiglo, but it also has a leather band.  So... it's a wash I guess


  1. Oh man, that place looks like so much fun even if the food was lame. I love tacky restaurants where you don't have to pretend to be a grown up.

    1. The amazing thing about this place was that, while we were there at least, it wasn't people with young kids in tow. It was largely adults, there enjoying dinner with one another. I think the food was alright if you aren't a vegetarian, but I was just there for the tinted mirrors :P

  2. we always wonder how such odd places like that stay in business but I guess that's why, at least they're fun and original even if the food is mediocre. although amazing fries is reason enough to go as far as i'm concerned : )
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  3. Holy mother of chips! That spot looks insanely awesome! So cool.


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