Monday, 18 February 2013

Rust, Snow, and Coffee: A Trip To The Old Bridge

A couple weeks ago (can you tell that I'm a little behind?!) Ephraim and I ventured out to this old bridge in town to take some outfit photos.  The light was beautiful, so we figured we'd take a short turn around the area and see what was up.  Armed with some Balzac's, we were still too cold (read: I was only wearing tights and my toes froze) and didn't stick around for too long, but that gorgeous light still made for some pretty great photos.  Here are my favourites from the day!
Each of those black spots is a crazy duck who is not bothered by the icy cold water.  Insane.

P.S. If you're on holiday today, I hope you're having a good one! I've just finished digesting a very large and very delicious breakfast of French Toast and veggie sausage courtesy of Ephraim, and now we're getting ready to go bowling!! It's been a lovely weekend, and it's got me feeling motivated to get some work done.  Here's hoping I can make a big enough dent in that big project of mine that I can finally unveil it! Fingers crossed, friends!


  1. That sounds like the perfect day! :) Beautiful photos!

  2. I can't believe those crazy ducks! They are supposed to be visiting me in Arizona this time of year. Sounds like a fun day off- any day that starts off with French Toast is bound to be great! Stay warm!

  3. even tho I'm quite tired of all this coldness and snow everywhere, I really love your pictures!

  4. French toast is a delicious breakfast, perfect for Presidents day off!

  5. oh, these photographs are amazing! i really love all of the snow featured here!

    lindsey louise


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