Thursday, 28 February 2013

2013 Goals: February Update

The end of another month!! Let's see how my yearly goals are coming along...

  • blog 4 times a week  I don't need to tell you that this one has slipped recently.  It's all been in order to put that time and effort toward other goals, however.
  • complete my 365 Days of iPhone Photos project Check my updates HERE
  • complete one photo-an-hour post for each month February's post coming next week!
  • save my pennies and purchase a new laptop to replace the 8 year old glorified paperweight 
  • take a trip  I think I'd like to take a long weekend trip in Chicago, perhaps over the Canada Day long weekend.  That way, it won't be crazy busy in the states, I can drive, and Ephraim will hopefully be able to join me as there won't be auditions those days anyhow because of the holiday! Fingers crossed.  I have family in Chicago, and love to go and visit every couple years.
  • create more, and consume less Netflix (or knit while I watch!) It's February.  Lay off me.
  • read 6 books (this makes me sad.  how did it come to this?!) err, no... *shame*
  • create an online portfolio I had to scan a bunch of stuff and organize it for a CD portfolio I had to create, so let's call that progress on this front.  I'm working on it.
  • look into continuing education I think I should rename this "consider life after Shaw".  I applied for an internship this week, so we'll see how that pans out.  Anyway, I am thinking about it, and that's really the point.
  • take my camera with me more (and invest in a serious camera bag) This has been more difficult with the volumes of snow we've had.  it's very cloudy, and tends not to be great photo taking weather!
  • invest more time and effort into friendships, old and new I have had a lot of friend time this month.  And it has been rad.  I miss living close to people!!
  • send 6 pieces of snail mail 1/6, with a little mail exchange with Erin of Charlie Foxtrot :)
  • build a small business I've been working hard on this one! Nearly ready to rock and roll.
  • exercise twice a week  This one hit the backburner the last couple weeks.  I have got a new roommate, and getting the house/my life in order took the rest of my evenings. 
  • take life drawing classes I'm getting a drawing board and a new pad of newsprint this weekend so that I can take Tuesday's class.
  • get a car got it!!  I am now the proud owner of a decade old Volkswagen Golf, which I have named Gertrude, or Gerty for short.  I am still learning the nuances of driving standard, and need to build some confidence and skill before I'm ready to drive to Toronto or anything.

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