Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day Trippin' Down Memory Lane: Newtonbrook Bowlerama

As a kid, I was always a huge fan of bowling.  My parents were both in a bowling league before they had kids, and as far as a fun family activity goes, bowling always won out.  It didn't hurt that there was a reasonably priced, delightfully scuzzy bowling alley in our neighbourhood (which was also the neighbourhood my mother grew up in!), the Newtonbrook Bowlerama.  All of my childhood birthday parties were here: greasy pizza, gutter bumpers and all.  One time, I even out-bowled two teenage boys the next lane over, when I was young.  Now, I'm very much out of practice, and must have just been killing it that day when I was 10, because I barely broke 100 this trip out.  It didn't really matter, though.  Just seeing the incredible lack of any updates to the Bowlerama whatsoever made it all worth while... it was a total trip back to the mid 90's!!
Yes, I do have the most ridiculous bowling form ever.  I look like a gentleman bowing.  I don't know where I got it from, but any attempts to correct it were just an utter failure.  I'm doomed to forever look like an idiot when I bowl.  Tragic, really!  Thanks for taking a peek at a fond childhood memory with me :)


  1. Hahaha! Totally brings back memories! Your Dad has some wicked spin when he bowls, and he always looked awesome on the lane. And, just so you know, I picked up the Ladies High Score trophy one year, with 177! L.M.

  2. I love bowling and haven't been in way too long. I think it's in my blood- my mom was in a bowling league until she was too pregnant with me :) I'm not good though, and totally inconsistent! Great pics!


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