Saturday, 24 August 2013

2013 Goals Update

I have been horrible about keeping up with some of my goals lately.  To set me on the right track again, I'm doing an update.  I hope this helps motivate me to refocus on those goals I am still lagging behind on (or have forgotten about alltogether).

  • blog 4 times a week
  • complete my 365 Days of iPhone Photos project 
  • complete one photo-an-hour post for each month Okay, I keep starting these the last few months and forgetting half way through the day, or going to a movie, or something else I can't photograph.  But what can I say, most likely that day there was ihop, thrifting, a movie, and some kind of beer.  I'm cool like that.
  • save my pennies and purchase a new laptop to replace the 8 year old glorified paperweight 
  • take a trip  Guess who booked A WEEK IN PARIS for this October?!?! I am insanely excited.  I just found out yesterday that Montmartre, where Eph and I will be staying, is holding their annual wine festival over the first few days we will be there.  Concerts and fireworks at the Sacre Coeur! 
  • create more, and consume less Netflix (or knit while I watch!) hahaha! Well, I did paint some super sweet costume designs.  And to be fair, Civilization V has been preying upon my free time worse than Netflix, these days.  
  • read 6 books (this makes me sad.  how did it come to this?!) I read The Walking Dead compendium 1+2 over the last couple months (devouring each in a matter of days, to be clear).  They're over 1000 pages, containing 8 volumes each, so I am hesitant to call them each one book, or each of them two.  Let's say between the two, I have covered three books, okay?  I have 4 other books on the go right now.  I keep putting things down for too long that I get disinterested.  Slap me on the wrist.
  • create an online portfolio No, but I did redo my hard-copy portfolio over the weekend.  Then went to an Anthropologie store that was looking for a new display coordinator and sat on a couch until their visual manager would see me.  Too bad they were already in process of hiring someone else, but I think I made a good impression. 
  • look into continuing education After significant research, I decided the program for me is Yale's masters in visual design.  Now, I just need to get a truly impressive portfolio together, because no way can I go to Yale without a significant scholarship. 
  • take my camera with me more (and invest in a serious camera bag) I did indeed pick up a sweet camera/laptop bag for my birthday, and more recently, invested in a new camera as well! I made the upgrade to full frame, and I am so glad I did, even if my own father said it was ridiculous.  I've been loving the shots I'm getting with my new camera, the fact that it has video capability, and the learning process of moving beyond and entry level camera.  Growth!
  • invest more time and effort into friendships, old and new I'm trying.  I need to move back home.  
  • send 6 pieces of snail mail 3/6.  I need to write some letters.  I know a certain lady in a small town in Alberta I miss like the dickens who I seriously owe some correspondence. 
  • build a small business I honestly didn't think this one through enough.  I started a side business when I didn't have the time and energy to properly devote to it.  I've got saved up stock and other pieces midway through being produced, and I will reopen when I have my head on straight. 
  • exercise twice a week  I was doing so well, then I got sick and very busy with The Lover, missed a few weeks, and somehow psyched myself out of going back.  I'm working on it, and doing some reading on weight lifting while I'm still chicken shit.  
  • take life drawing classes Classes are sadly not offered during the summers here.  The ONE TIME we wouldn't need a space heater and warming lamps to keep our model from freezing in the art centre.  *Sigh*
  • get a car


  1. i'm so glad you booked a trip and to one of my favorite places in the world no less! i'm so happy that you will be doing it right and spending at least a week in one city - paris. by the end of it you'll only want more but you'll get a great sense of the city's personality. i spend nearly three weeks just in paris and it only left me wanting more!

    1. This will be my second time in Paris, and I am so excited to do even more than last trip! I was lucky enough to be there during Bastille day last time around, but I was 18, painfully broke, and only there for 3 days (over national holidays - Louvre was free though!), so I missed out on a lot. I am going to have to buy some MASSIVE memory cards for my camera, yikes!


  2. I am so jealous that you're going to Paris!! I've never been, but I'm sure you'll have the time of your life! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  3. I just did an update on my 30 before 30 and I feel like I'm totally lagging behind too. You look like you've got a lot done, i hope the update helps you finish it out!


  4. that's so funny to imagine the nude models in front of space heaters. you have some great goals though and looks like you've done tons of cool stuff already! and i totally hear you on the shop, i know mine could be so so much better and what i truly know it could be if I had the proper time to devote to it.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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