Sunday, 16 September 2012

Feel the Summer Slipping Away

I love the crisp mornings and evenings of the late summer.  The afternoons remain hot and sunny, but a hint of the sweater weather to come shines through.  This will be the first year I have time off in the autumn and not the summer, and I have to say I'm pretty excited about it.  Fall is my favourite time of year, and always makes for fun layered outfits.  I'm going to be traveling a bit over the course of my 3 weeks off, and I'm getting excited to pack up my bags and hop on a plane or two.  Not going anywhere exotic, but that's alright with me, I don't want to miss the Canadian autumn anyhow.  Too pretty!

Here are a couple snaps from recent weeks, soon to be forgotten moments of a summer that feels ages since past as the cold sets in around us.



  1. Love these shots! And that sunflower is gorgeous. Fall is such a nice season, I wish we got it in S. California!! Pls post lots of pictures of it! :-)

    1. Oh, you don't need to ask me twice! I looooove autumn. Especially the colours (orange is my absolute favourite!), so there are sure to be a LOT of photos! Especially of pumpkins. Who doesn't like a good gourd now and again?



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