Thursday, 13 September 2012

O.O.T.D: Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)

Howdy Folks!

I picked up this amazing swing coat in Kensington Market a couple weeks ago, and I am in love with it my boyfriend should be concerned.  It's just so perfect in every way.  Fits perfectly, was lovingly handmade, is REVERSABLE (and lined in flawless yellow dupioni silk!!), and the shop owner gave it to me for half price.
Tax free.
And I never even made a coherent offer.

Destiny, dudes.  This swing coat was my destiny.

The Deets:
Sunglasses: Vintage, Cabaret
Clip on Earrings: Thrifted
Scarf: Hand-me-down 
Pin: Hand-me-down
Jacket: Vintage, Exile
Jeans: Anthropologie
White Leather Booties: Vintage
Purse: Inherited (Check out its makeover HERE)

Ah, more glorious glorious hand-me-downs! Lisa wrote all about her love of hand-me-downs (which I share, I mean, awesome free stuff? yeah!), you can check it out (and the cute outfit too!) HERE!

To be honest, I only wore this outfit to the corner store to buy some ice cream, haha! It was a quiet day, what can I do?



  1. I love that print Erin! Do you have a photo of just the print?

    1. Isn't it AMAZING?! I didn't get a great shot of the print this time (I was running back and forth to my tripod, haha), but I love the pattern so much I may just take some pictures of it on my dress form! I'll let you know if I get something good. Looking forward to your birthday party, darling!

  2. What an amazing eclectic outfit! I love the paint palette brooch!


    1. Thanks Becky!
      I found out from my Mum after I posted this that the palette brooch was a gift for her 10th birthday, from a school friend.


  3. This coat was meant for you! I'm glad the shop owner could see that too :) It looks so cute and matches your fun, bright style. I can't believe those shoes are vintage, seriously, the white lasted decades?? Very cute look!

    1. I couldn't believe she gave me such a good price. Apparently my red hair gave me bargaining power, haha!
      The shoes were very lightly used, so the outer and the soles were in excellent shape. I had to cut a lot of the lining out though, as it had dried and cracked. I own a couple pairs of vintage shoes, I thought I'd create a post about things to look for and easy fixes for vintage footwear.



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