Monday, 24 September 2012

The Donut Diner

After the closing show of the Directors Project, Ephraim and I were forced to try a new place for breakfasty goodness.  At gunpoint.  Maybe I made that last bit up.

I'm pretty serious about my breakfast food, and going out for a good breakfast is, in my opinion, one of life's greatest pleasures.  Actually, I like a good breakfast at home too, which is why I have invested in a waffle iron.  Every breakfast is the breakfast of champions if you declare yourself a champion, right? And I can pack back my waffles like a champ.  But I digress.

baklava and bacon, together at last.
Our regular breakfast spot was no longer serving breakfast (being that it was half past noon already...), so we tried out The Donut Diner in Virgil.  I have passed by this diner dozens of times and have always been bewildered by their bizarre menu (milkshakes, donuts, and shwarma.  What?), so we had to check it out.  Sadly, the food was pretty icky, but to be fair, I did get eggs, and not a donut. And hey, if it's called the Donut Diner, you gotta figure the fried batter is pretty great, right? The Dutchie donuts were the size of my face. Yummy.

Though the food wasn't particularly worthwhile, the atmosphere in there was pretty great.  Just the right kind of dingy, enough to keep away the tourists but not enough to be physically repulsive.  Am I making this place sound appealing yet? Haha! 

Anyhow, I was pretty pleased that I had my camera on me, so I could capture a bit of the decor (I am a serious sucker for black and white tile anything.  Love it) and of course have a little camera battle with Ephraim.  He only had his phone, so I won.  I'm good like that.  

Next time I have a hankering, I'll have to stop in to the Donut Diner for some fried sugary goodness.  I'll report back and let you know if they're worth naming your business after! They're going to have to be pretty damned delicious to top the Harvest Barn sprinkle donuts though.  I am strangely determined to find a place to get reliably superior donuts to Tim Horton's.  I just find their monopoly on the donut industry a little off putting.  Am I reading too far into this? Oh, most definitely.  But this is a donut taste testing mission we're talking about here.  You gotta have vision. Delicious, delicious vision.  And stretchy pants.

Well, I'm off to Ottawa for a little trip with my Mum for a couple days.  Anybody know of good Vegetarian food, vintage clothing shops, or generally awesome stuff to check out while I'm there? The last time I was there I was 13 and mostly just interested in Beaver Tails (okay, I'm still pretty interested in Beaver Tails!).


  1. These are great photos- I'm a sucker for black and white tile too, hello- dream kitchen!! You didn't sell me on the food but it sure looks like a fun time :)

    1. Oh, black and white tile floors are my absolute favourite! It's neat how the most basic of colour schemes can evoke two very different nostalgic themes: the old diner look, and turn of the century france! I love them both, and my dream house makes use of each of them!
      Guess this means I should learn how to tile, hahaha.
      I promise to report back on the donut situation. I have high hopes on that front, the desserts looked soooo good!



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