Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

As intended, I made the frozen peanut butter chocolate pie from A Beautiful Mess, this weekend.

Luckily, this dessert was a hit, because it's definitely something you don't want to have around for long, or have a surplus of.  Because you will eat it.  All of it. 

On the difficulty scale, I'm giving this pie a rating of "Drunken Monkey", meaning a drunken monkey could make this with little difficulty.  I got fancy and melted my chocolate with a double boiler and it was STILL so ridiculously simple.  So find yourself an intoxicated primate and make this pie, your friends will thank you (your pancreas will not).

There are a few adjustments I'd make next time around to make this really spectacular.  I'd definitely want to switch up the crust, and I think go with a homemade chocolate crust.  There's already so much peanutty goodness going on, I think the pie needs a little more chocolate and a little something salty to really set it off.  Maybe an Oreo crust? Mmm!
My presentation also needs some work on this.  I really dropped the ball there.  Lucky it was still delicious so nobody noticed!

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