Tuesday, 28 August 2012

O.O.T.D: His and Hers - Anniversary Edition

Happy Tuesday! There's no Retro Specs this week, as the fun part of my weekend relates nicely to this here outfit post.  This Saturday, Ephraim and I celebrated our first anniversary of dating.  We opted for going out to a nice fancy dinner, and then went to the drive in cinema! We wore these swanky outfits for dinner, then jetted home to change into some shorts and t-shirts for the movies.  I decided to leave my hair for the movie though, since sightlines aren't such an issue at the drive in.  One of the girls working the concessions said I looked like a model.  Aw yeah!

The Deets:
Hat: Vintage Dobbs, 1930's
Shirt:Hackett London
Tie: J Crew
Suit: Harry Rosen Coppley, made to measure
Shoes: Vintage
Cufflinks, watch chain and Rings: Paradigm Designs

Flyaways are a way of life, man. And I am over the moon about this triple collar.  So sharp!
The Deets:
Dress: TBA (To Be Adored)
Purse: See By Chloe
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Litas"

I finally acquired a pair of Litas, after much hemming and hawing.  I'm not really much of a heels person, but I found myself wanting a pair of shoes that would look - and make me feel - like a total bad ass.  I tried on a similar pair of shoes at Topshop and BAM! It was love.  But it was not meant to be, as they were missing the left shoe in my size.  Yes, someone had made off with the right shoe of my pair.  A few weeks later I tried on the Litas, felt that wash of love again, and ordered a pair in my size.  Weeks later still and now those babies are mine! I can now wash my dishes and do my laundry like a proper bad ass.  It's awesome.  Plus, these shoes make me huge.  Like 6' tall kinda massive.  Ephraim and I are about the same height and in these puppies I look like a bloody Amazon.  But with both breasts.  Maybe that's why I'm crap at archery? Let's say it is.
Gratuitous kissing photo is gratuitous.  Deal with it!


  1. I LOVE THIS! You both look so dashing!! Congrats on your anniversary AND finding the perfect heels :) Seriously, you're adorable.

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I am lucky to have such a dapper accomplice to all my misdeeds. I mean, the man wears a pocket watch daily. It's awesome :)



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