Monday, 14 January 2013

365 Project: Days 1-14

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you all for your kind words about my Bubba.  Her funeral was beautiful, and you could hardly find a place to sit during the service at the funeral home.  My little sister turned to me and said "who ARE all these people??" I told her they were Bubba's friends.  "Wow.  She was POPULAR".  She was clearly well loved.  I was thrilled to have the chance to look through the albums of old photos she had kept hidden away from us out of fear of what would happen to them! Turns out my Zaida was a ridiculously good looking fellow in his day.  The more you know.

Anyhow, one of my goals for this year is to successfully complete a 365 project.  Since Ephraim bought me this super sweet Olloclip iPhone lens for Christmas, I was inspired to do a 365 project of only iPhone photos.  All photos for the project must be shot and processed entirely within my phone (well, phone attachments count, but you get the point).  I'm hoping to see how far I can push the limits of my dinky phone camera.  Plus, creating art with something manufactured for functional, rather than creative means, is pretty neat.  I'm giving each photo a title, and am going to print them all if I manage to complete my task at hand!

Click to enlarge the photos for better resolution.

1// A Fresh Beginning 2// Feeling Like A Fish 3// Line, Line, Everywhere A Line
4// A Field Of Daisies 5// On The Road To The Emerald City 6// Collars and Constellations
7// Torture Device 8// At The Foot Of The Colossus 9// A Spire To Greatness
10// If You Squint Hard Enough, Even Traffic Is Beautiful 11// Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree 12// Here They Come To Save The Day
13// Art Imitates Reality 14// Do Your Duty
Are you doing a 365 project? How are you keeping up with it so far? Do you find you need an alarm or a special reminder to make sure you complete your entry for each day?



  1. Hi Erin I have nominated your for a liebster award in this post:

  2. Hi Erin, lovely pictures. And I'm sorry you lost your Bubba. But it must be a nice feeling to know that she was so popular and that a lot of people who liked her came to the funeral. I'm doing a 365 project also, but started already on November 1st (I don't believe in New Years' resolutions :p ) Since I'm now in the 70's, it's already feeling like a habit to take a picture every day. And I didn't skip a day once! Yay for me, haha

  3. I'm doing a 365 - I started late December so I'm on day 26 now. I previously managed about 180 days but I'm hoping to do the full year this time, just for the sense of achievement!

    I'm summarising the project on my blog once a week and hosting it on Shuttercal, too.

    Good luck with yours!

  4. These are really pretty- I haven't seen all of them on IG. I love that you are giving them a name too! I tried a 365 photo project last year but with editing and uploading to Flickr I got burnt out by April. Lame, I know :) Can't wait to see more!


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