Tuesday, 29 January 2013

365 Project: Days 15-28

15// Brick Layin'  16// Chainsmoking Pug Is Out Of Cigs
17// I'm Just A Little Rusty  18// All That Glitters Is Not Gold
19// Fly Away Home  20// A Little Birdie Told Me
21// Seated In Fields Of Blue Flowers  22// Condensed Nation
23// Sugar And Spice  24// Without
25// Why So Serious?  26// And My Head Is Swimming
27// Atop Sugar Mountain  28// Stabbed Through The Heart
I'm starting to really appreciate being able to see phases of my year through these photos.  So many of these shots were taken in my home studio.  I'm really into jewelry making right now, and these photos remind me of that.  I look forward to seeing photos of painting supplies, when that phase hits me! 

As yet, not all of the photos are created equal.  I'm really getting the hang of the macro lens, it's by far my favourite of the three offered in the Olloclip.  It creates a lovely shallow depth of field, and a bokeh effect on what's out of focus that's just buttery smooth.  I love even photographing lights completely out of focus with it, as seen on day 26.  Dreamy.

I keep wondering about what I'd like to do with my photos after this 365 project is over.  Initially I had wanted to make a book of all 365 photos, but as the quality of photo currently ranges pretty widely, I think I may prefer to be a little more selective and make collages of some sort for the best or most meaningful photos of each month.  Anyhow, I've got over 330 days to decide!!

Are you working on a year long project?  How is it going?



  1. You are so talented - these photos are amazing, mama. I want to see this jewelry you are making. Pretty please? xoxo

    1. Thank you Amanda! It's been fun trying to develop my eye using a cell phone camera. So nifty!

      And all will be revealed in due time!! Like, some time next week. I'm VERY excited, let's just say that much!


  2. Lovely photos! I've always wanted to print a collection of my photographs whether it be from the whole year or from a selective lens.

  3. I am a huge fan of Condensed Nation. I must've missed that one on instagrams!

    Also, pugs. I mean. Pug.


  4. I love the gnome haha!


  5. I love these! I'm doing the 365 photo project too! Of course mine aren't nearly as cool but I love to think about looking over a year of pictures to remember all the great things that have happened this year! :)

  6. you have some really amazing ones, cant wait to see what you do w/ them! & that was so fun to hear your comment on B&S, keep meaning to write back. you were like 3 yrs cooler than me too haha.


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