Thursday, 3 January 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Christmas Photo Dump Pt. 2

As I said in the first installment of my Christmas photos, I am really not a fan of being cold.  Like, at all.  So the majority of my time up north was spent in doors, curled up on a big comfy chair in the living room reading or watching a movie or most certainly sipping a cup of tea.  The perfect way to spend a day, in my opinion! With all the lovely decorations up, I got pretty snap-happy as well, so here are some of my favourite indoor photos from Christmas.  The sewing machine necklace was a gift from Ephraim, and the snowflake and wood box are my wrapped gifts for him.  That's totally just a shoe box covered in wood grain ConTact paper, tied up with some twine, by the way.  I really am obsessed with ConTact paper.  That's even the same roll I used to make my wall decals.  Love it!
Naturally with all those beautiful twinkly lights up I had to do some bokeh! Here are just a couple little teasers (I must have taken 100 shots!) of some heart shaped bokeh I did.  I'll be sharing the rest with a bokeh tutorial in the next couple weeks! The black and white photo of Ephraim has some subtle heart bokeh from the tree, definitely enlarge for the best view possible! I think it looks so sweet. And of course wrapping it all up is my favourite ornament on Ephraim's parents' tree... even if Yoda looks a wee bit menacing!! He'd go perfectly with my Star Wars themed Christmas tree I have dreamed up... just sayin'...



  1. Beautiful photos!

    Cindy x

  2. Your christmas photos are gorgeous! I love that tiny sewing machine charm too!

  3. Wow, I love your photos. The sewing machine necklace and the Yoda bauble are just amazing. I found you through the blog hop, looking forward to reading more! x


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