Monday, 7 January 2013

Snippets: Dec 30- Jan 1

1:: Drinking glasses at my Mum's.  The bottoms are perfect for flattening out cookies (well, if you douse the glass in PAM!)
2:: Pretty flowers in a wee Carlton Ware jug.  My Bubbie (that's grandmother in Yiddish), Mum and I are crazy about Carlton Ware.  We just are. I have been trained to seek it out in every antique mall, and I still do!
3:: Kitchen Sink Cookies on the bake.  Martha's Recipe, our very fave.
4:: A happy coincidence with an uncooporative photo subject on NYE
5:: Delicate reflections off a new brooch pinned to my new coat.  Pin liberated from Goodwill (with matching clip on earrings!), coat by Pink Martini, purchased at DLR (if you're in Toronto, definitely check the shop out!!)


  1. You take such pretty pictures! I wish I knew how to operate a camera.

    1. Practice makes perfect!

      And by perfect I mean adequately functioning!


  2. I love these pictures! I love seeing photo posts like this, because although some things may be ordinary or every day things, it's within someone else's life and that's what makes it so interesting!

  3. Those cookies look sooo goood! Yum!


    1. They're my favourite! Sometimes, you just don't want to choose between coconut, pecans, chocolate chips and raisins in your cookies.

  4. What beautiful photos!



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