Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Yellow Coat in the Snow: Paddington Bear Style

I hinted in yesterdays post at my new yellow coat I picked up while I was in Toronto! Let it be no secret, I am totally smitten with this coat.  It makes me think of Paddington Bear, it's "my" colour, and I'll be damned if it doesn't brighten up these dreary winter days!! I'm usually one of those people who buys a new coat only when it's absolutely necessary.  I purchased my current winter coat (admittedly a touch warmer than this yellow one, which won't be worn on the coldest of days!) a couple days before I headed to NYC for a grad school interview two years ago.  I thought that if I went in in my old black peacoat they would mistake me for a homeless person.  It was more than worse for ware, missing buttons and threadbare at the shoulders.  Well, the new coat didn't make that interview any better, and I have much more reasonable expectations for this coat: to be a bright beacon of summery goodness among the slush and cold that is Canada right now. And it's doing its job splendidly.
Hat: Vintage
Scarf: Hand me Down
Jacket: Pink Martini from DLR
Jeans: Anthropologie
Boots: Vintage, Kingpin's Hideaway
Purse: Michael Kors, Hand me Down (sometimes you get lucky!)
Brooch: Goodwill ($3. Hot damn) 

I'm back at work, and let me tell you, it has been a harder adjustment than ever before! My head has just not been in the game, and I made sure to wake up extra early this morning, make a cup of tea and a to do list to get my day started off productively.  I just keep dreaming about relatively far off challenges, changes and wishes, and it's leaving the right-now kind of lacking.  Definitely time to get my butt in gear and get back to living like the hard-working, creative and constantly-busy girl I have always enjoyed being! 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how nice these photos are? Ephraim has been seriously impressing me with not only his willingness to take silly glamour shots, but his skill in doing so.  If you haven't done so yet, the nerdier of you will definitely want to pop over to his blog, Jetpack Wonder Stories.  It's still quite young, but that man is way funny.  I won't say I'm not biased, but 8/10 people polled agreed (okay I polled one person and they were 80% sure). 
I can hear my Mum sighing as she goes to print this picture out to hang at her desk (she JUST printed out a new one last week!)...except now she's crying because I talked about her on the blog.  Hehehe love you Mum! (psst..click the photo for a larger version to print :P)
If you haven't done so already, be sure to pop over to Old Red Boots to wish Lauren a happy 30th birthday!! We've only recently become pen pals, but I have enjoyed every email (and little packages sent) to and from this hilarious, creative, perfectly sassy woman.  Happy Birthday Lauren!! You're tops!



  1. Oh so sweet! The Yellow is so sunshiney and warm -- perfect for the weather we have had lately!

  2. Oh man. Thank you for the Birthday shout out. Your gift seriously made my day. I'm so impressed! I think you need an Etsy shop!

    I LOVE THAT COAT and especially the Paddington reference. You look so beautiful in it! And with those perfect red lips- you are stunning!

  3. Cute! I love the color of your jacket!! :)


  4. Pretty jacket and the brooch on it makes it look so classy!

  5. you are adorable!! that coat is amazing, and those glasses are awesome! xoxo

  6. Love this outfit you look gorgeous!
    found you on BBN now following!
    follow me on GFC if you like my blog! http://georgiabellalily.blogspot.co.uk

  7. These photos are so beautiful- Ephraim may be a good photographer but you are a gorgeous lady!! I love your new coat and it's the perfect color on you! I have been a blob so far this year so I hear ya' but I keep telling myself I need some time to rest in life too... :)

  8. Eeep that coat!! SO adorable and I love how you referenced Paddington Bear!

  9. Paddington Bear is the best! You look gorgeous x


  10. That coat is soo cute! I love how it can brighten up even the gloomiest of days!

  11. This is the perfect winter outfit! I am in love with it :)

  12. these pictures (and this outfit) look really good! nice work. :)

  13. Gosh, I seriously love this sunny yellowcoat!

    Am here via the Totally Awesome Blog Hop - I dig your style!


  14. This yellow coat is so lovely . Like a sun in snow? :D
    Read your post on The Little Owl Diary , I'm a here as a new follower :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  15. I tried to comment on this yeaterday but the computer was acting wonky. Holy beautiful photos mama!!! You look gorgeous! And, yes, that yellow coat it quite amazing! I really love these glasses on you, too! I am heading over to read your guest post now!

  16. I love this outfit! And your photographer friend Ephraim is rocking it - these shots are awesome. I love the brooch you put on the coat - such a nice touch

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  17. What a great coat! And I love your hair color! <3

  18. holy moly, HOW adorable are you?! where to even start with this post. that's a fabulous coat- i'm smitten with the color too! and i love how you pinned a brooch on to accesorize it. and i am SO in love with your glasses. those are the best pair i've ever seen!

  19. oh you are too funny saying 8 out of 10 ppl like your man's blog but only one was 80% sure! i took a peek though and he does seem just as funny as you are. or maybe more or maybe less, it's tricky to tell but safe to say you both are funny. LOVE this coat on you, it def is your color & i love the pairing of the hat & pastel scarf w/ it, such a lovely unconventioanl winter look. hope you find something to spark your interest at work or at least that the time flies until these new adventures come along for you!

  20. I looove that jacket! I can never seem to get my hands on a paddington style jacket, but would really love to have one. I also love your hat--I recently got a wool hat myself and I'm so in love with it.

  21. Great coat & glasses, you look so happy & beautiful!

    <3 Megan


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