Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Christmas Photo Dump Pt. 1

Happy New Year, all! Or should I say, happy international hangover day? I hope you all had a swell time last night in whatever way you chose to celebrate the beginning of a new year, and are filled with motivation and optimism for the 365 days ahead until we do it all over again! I'm headed to a friends' house today to enjoy a large and prolonged brunch (you can graze on waffles for hours at a time, yes? Tell me I'm not alone) and a Simpsons marathon, with 25 selected episodes for our viewing pleasure.  It's a good, proper lazy day.
Though I spent Christmas Day by myself in Niagara, I got to head up north to Ephraim's parents' house on boxing day to enjoy a couple days with plenty of snow, reading by a fire, and more food than could ever possibly be consumed.  I of course took heaps of photos, and though most of them were taken indoors (it was cold out, and I am not a fan of being  cold voluntarily!!), I did venture outside a bit.  Here are some of my favourite outdoor shots from those couple of days.  Feels chilly just looking at them!


  1. Gorgeous photos!!

  2. These are gorgeous, the snow is stunning. Hope you had a wonderful New Year xo

  3. You take beautiful photos! And it's always enjoyable dropping by your blog! :)

  4. Beautiful photos Erin! I absolutely love waffles, I could eat them everyday! However, I don't so for the most part they remind me of winter with family.

  5. beautiful photos :)


  6. Hi Erin, I've just found your blog through The Little Owl and I think it's adorable! These photos are so pretty...


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