Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Adventures in gif Making

I realize this is something of a micro post, but I took a couple of shots on my walk to work last week and I liked the progression enough that I thought I'd try to make a gif out of it.  One of my photography goals for the year is to use light more creatively, and that includes lens flare! Lucky me, I get to walk to work every morning with the slowly rising sun right in my face, so I thought I'd make some use out of it instead of just squinting like an idiot (I did still squint like an idiot, but it was for, you know, a greater good).
I just used the website Gikr to make mine, but the size constraints are a bit too small for me, so next time I am going to try a different method.  My camera can't record video, so this is the only way I can record any sort of "action" until I eventually upgrade.  Anyhow, I was pretty pleased with the results, so I thought I should share!

Looking at this now, I want to do a similar series of shots in the summer, and set it to "Here Comes the Sun", hehe! I just love that bit of lens flare.  But this would look so much lovelier with a blue sky, instead of snow everywhere.  By the way, if you're experiencing some serious cold weather like I am, stay bundled up and don't skimp on the hot cocoa! This -25 C thing is just awful when you have to walk, and nothing is closer than 1.5 Km.  Days like this it is really hard to fight the urge to hibernate, I don't care how glittery and pretty it looks!

Stay warm, friends!


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  1. As I fellow Canadian I agree. I definitely have to fight the urge to hibernate this time of year too, every morning is a serious biological struggle.



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